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How to buy wicker chair furniture

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How to buy wicker chair furniture?

A lot of little friends ate Amway of Xiaobian and went to the market to buy rattan furniture, but they didn't know how to buy it. Today Xiaobian is going to teach you some tricks.

(1) The quality of wicker chair furniture is good or bad. It's OK to sit on it when selecting. If it makes a "squeak" sound, its raw material may be fake rattan.

wicker chair

(2) We should also observe whether the overall color of wicker chair furniture is consistent, whether the bonding part is stable, and whether the appearance is correct, which is the main factor to test its quality.

(3) In addition to rattan products, modern wicker chair furniture also has hardware and many soft decorations, showing a strong interest and modern urban style. In terms of specific style collocation, different choices can be made according to personal tastes and interests. The price of rattan products mainly depends on the quality of materials, and the selection of rattan products depends on the price and quality.

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(4) For wicker chair with cushion, it is also necessary to carefully observe whether the arc position of cushion catches, whether the floss is smooth and straight, and whether the pattern splicing of fabric is neat.

wicker chair


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