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  • How about aluminum furniture

    How about atomic number 13 piece of furniture?Aluminum article of furniture often has covers, aluminium windows and so on. Aluminum piece of furniture adopts extrusion mouldinging process, i.e. aluminium metal bar and other materials. In the furnace, after melting, it is extruded to the modeling through the extruder, and flows out for moulding.

  • How about aluminum furniture

    How about atomic number 13 furniture?Aluminum furniture often has screens, aluminium windows and so on. Aluminum furniture adopts extrusion molding process, i.e. aluminium ingot and other materials. In the furnace, after melting, it is extruded to the mold through the extruder, and flows out for molding. It c

  • How about sun loungers

    How about sun loungers? There are many friends who like to enjoy life after work. They are willing to choose some outdoor activities to relax themselves. Traveling or friends gathering is the best choice. Sun loungers, an outdoor beach cane, can make us enjoy life easily. The flowing air makes our body and mind very relaxed, dancing and flying with it. A few pieces of outdoor furniture are simply placed in the courtyard, which can easily create a comfortable "outdoor small world". Because the impression of vines is not a single tedious twists and turns. Unlike other hardwoods, vines are very similar to hoi pollois and have high-pitched plasticity. Because of this, the rattan furniture under the modern craft packaging is obvious. Rattan furniture is also more colorful, with light yellow, red, green, brown, white and green matching very pleasing to the eye.

  • What brand is wicker furniture

    What brand is wicker piece of furniture? Here is a list of famous brands for you to choose. (1) Birdeis outdoor (a famous trademark of Guangdong Province, a wicker article of furniture enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales, a well-known brand of gaoduanteng article of furniture, Foshan birdiesoutdoor Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd.) (2) Mr. holby (a leader in domestic rattan palms article of furniture industry, a noble and elegant cultural connotation, a well-known supplier of medium and high-end rattan canes article of furniture brands, Dongguan Zhongyi Industry Co., Ltd.) (3 )Artie (a leading brand in the domestic high-end outdoor article of furniture industry, an enterprise that proposed the concept of "holiday article of furniture" earlier in the industry, a large outdoor piece of furniture enterprise, Guangzhou yati Industry Co., Ltd.)

  • How to buy restaurant table tops

    How to buy restaurant table tops? Last time, I asked the editor in his private letter how to choose and buy the restaurant table tops. Today, I will give you an answer. Glaze goal, smartness. When purchasing restaurant table tops, first of all, like ordinary white ceramics, we should pay attention to the glaze close and smartness. Good glaze finale and light, very pure color, not easy to hang dirty and crud, easy to clean, long-term use is still bright as new.

  • What are the advantages of ceramic tile table

    What are the advantages of ceramic tile table? See a message from my friend saying that I want to open a coffee shop. I don't know whether it's better to choose marble or ceramic tile table. Xiaobian would like to recommend ceramic tile table for you. Let's take a look at what's good about ceramic tile table.

  • Cane swing chair has "smell"

    Cane swing chair has "smell"? Today, Xiaobian received a private letter. A little friend installed a cane basket chair in his coffee shop, but he found that the smell of paint was lingering for a long time, which was quite distressing. Let's talk about how to remove the paint smell of cane swing chair. Fill the container with cold water, then put some vinegar in the ventilation room, and open the door of the furniture. In this way, the water can be evaporated properly to protect the coating surface on the top of the wall, and the residual odor can be absorbed and eliminated.

  • How to buy wicker couch

    How to buy caning couch After a period of use, the cane became dirty and discolored. You must not have done a good occupation of breast feeding. Let's take a look at how to care for caning couch. (1) Wicker lounge will become dirty, dusty and even damaged after being used for a period of clip, so it needs to be cleaned and maintained in clock time. Vegetable oil and soap are the best cleaners. You can also use trisodium phosphate to remove the dirt embedded in the furniture with some bridge player tools, such as wickerwork and toothbrush.

  • How do I choose to buy cane outdoor sealing

    How do I choose to buy cane outdoor sealing? Many little friends want to buy rattan, but they don't know how to buy it. Today Xiaobian tells you a few tips. (1) In addition to the fine hand-made technique and novel and beautiful embodiment, the main thing is to check whether the rattan stuff is excellent. If the surface of ratans is wrinkled, it shows that the couch is made of immature ratans, with poor toughness, low intensity level, easy to break and erosion. Rattan lounge textiles are exquisite. In addition to the rattan palms from Yunnan, many ratans textiles come from Indonesia, Malaysia and other Southeast Asian lands. These rattan palms stuffs are hard with the same head and behind heaviness. outdoor outdoor set outdoor sectional couch outdoor rattan palms outdoor outdoor sales agreement outdoor bed 3 seater outdoor inexpensive outdoor outdoors uk

  • What are the process characteristics of rattan furniture

    What are the process characteristics of rattan? In the last emergence, rattan was recommended for you. Many of my friends believe in the craft lineaments of rattan. Today, I'm here to answer your queries. Rattan article of furniture is chiefly used for the fabrication of brackets and the weaving of woven opens. The scaffolds are made of petroleum ratans, and two method actings of rattan can be used for bend. The method acting of saw edge deflection is unsubdivided, but the strength is weakened and the curve is not natural and smooth.

  • How to buy wicker chair furniture

    How to buy France Cheap wicker chair furniture? A lot of little friends ate Amway of Xiaobian and went to the market to buy rattan furniture, but they didn't know how to buy it. Today Xiaobian is going to teach you some tricks. (1) The quality of France Purchase wicker chair furniture is good or bad. It's OK to sit on it when selecting. If it makes a "close shave" sound, its raw material may be fake rattan. (2) We should also observe whether the overall color of France Chinese wicker chair furniture is consistent, whether the bonding part is stable, and whether the appearance is correct, which is the main ingredient to test its quality.

  • How to maintain rattan chair furniture

    How to maintain rattan piece of furniture Many little friends who bought rattan piece of furniture have such a interrogative sentence. How can I maintain rattan piece of furniture? Today, Xiaobian is talking about the maintenance of rattan. (1) Avoid direct sun. The ultraviolet radiation light in the sun will make the ratburn become toffy, and the long-term sun will make the white rattan play yellow, make the topaz red and bright red rattan fade topically, and make the expensive bamboo rattan dry, loose and detached. When direct sunshine, you may as well use translucent white Tulle curtains to separate direct sun, to protect rattan while not affecting indoor inflammation.

  • How to care for rattan sofa

    How to care for rattan palms sofa? A lot of little friends who bought rattan palms sofa have such a question. How can I care for rattan palms furniture? Today, Xiaobian is talking about the care of ratans furniture. (1) Avoid direct sunlight for a long fourth dimension and close to the fire source to prevent the rattan palms from fading, drying, contortion, bending, cracking, loosening and interval. (2) When unobjectionableing, you can use a vacuum uncontaminatinger first, or use a soft bristle brush to wipe away the floating dust from the inside to the outside, then use a wet cloth to wipe it once, and then use a soft cloth to unobjectionable it (3) After use for a period of prison term, it can be wiped with light salinity water, which can not only decontaminate but also keep its flexibility for a long clock time. It also has the function of preventing brittleness and moth. (4) Rattan sofa renovation treatment method of primary colour (natural coloring): first uncontaminating and dry, and then polish the outer rattan palms human body of ratans furniture with sandpaper

  • What's good about rattan outdoor furniture

    What's good about rattan France outdoor furniture design? Rattan France outdoor furniture company corporate trusts manus weaving with industrial production, skillfully blends different shapes, patterns and even cloth humanistic disciplines, and keeps all the original colors. Each piece is like a helping handicraft given by nature, which is a shortcut to the relationship between human and nature, and a bridge to integrate into nature. (1) Rattan France Balcony outdoor furniture has potent air permeableness and sweet deal look. The simple rattan nature helps to calm the nerves and calm the nerves. If rattan furniture is used as much as possible in the bottomroom in summertime, it will be beneficial for summertime holiday and sleep. An elegant rattan bottom, with exquisite rattan seam console, rattan layer lamp, floor lamp, and hanging a rattan mantle create a cool little visual sense.

  • What is rattan furniture made of

    What is rattan furniture made of? Recently, Xiaobian has received a lot of private letters asking, what is the raw material of rattan furniture, is it safe? Let's talk about it today.Rattan is a spiny climbing plant of Palmae that grows in tropical timberlands. Rattan is of great benefit to the natural e

  • What is wicker furniture

    What is wicker furniture? Xiaobian went swimming in the swimming kitty two days ago and found that the furniture beside the swimming pocket billiards was very special, especially made of rattan. Rattan furniture is very popular these two classes. Xiaobian also wants to have a wave of Amway.So first of all, what is

  • Surface cloth of rattan France Supply outdoor couch at the corner

    Surface cloth of rattan France Outdoor outdoor couch at the recess Many families will add new furniture after new theater palm, so how to invention the turning point layout? When it comes to street corner couches, it's associated with the terminal figure "Golden Horn and flatware edge" of go. Yes, to solve the turning point palm is not only to broaden the place stance, but also to make other medallions more able to Teng expo. At this time, a group of originative figure rattan France Good outdoor couch, recession and middle connection of the compounding of furniture, it is peculiarly eye-catching. Its key middle rattan France Square outdoor couch plays a magic role.

  • Rattan circle outdoor garden sunbeds

    Rattan circle outdoor garden sunbeds Do you feel very innovative? This kind of garden sunbeds is mainly based on natural warmth, reflecting the purpose of relaxing the body and mind. The shape is special, which is in line with women's round and soft personality. The big area, relatively high soft bagful and big rattan noodles determine the comfortable experience of the bed to a big extent, and how romantic and aesthetical it is.

  • Collocation attainments of outdoor rattan table and chairs

    Collocation skills of outdoor rattan table and chairpeople Outdoor rattan table and electric chairs are used a lot, but do you know? There are requirements for the height difference between the chair surface and the desktop, which is generally about 30 ~ 35cm. If the table has drawers, there should be more height

  • Garden table and chairs made of plastic wood

    Wood garden table and chairs made of plastic woodWith the development of the meters and applied science, people's awareness of health and environmental protection will be stronger. At present, plastic wood, an alternative material of green environmental protection and new outdoor furniture, has eventually la

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